If you have visited the grocery store in the last while, you probably have noticed that some foods are marked as 100% organic. You might even be tempted to buy because you know that there is a better taste to these kinds of foods. Organic foods indeed are better because they are grown with the methods used by farmers in the past, with no pesticides and of course no genetic modifications.

In the 1950’s, it began to become popular that crops were sprayed with pesticides to help protect them from bugs that could ruin some of the crops. Of course, this also meant that people that purchased fruits and vegetables were now eating these pesticides.

Furthermore, cows and chickens are frequently given hormones in order to grow faster. It is a reality, as much as two thirds of the cattle that is used for consumption in the United States has been given growth hormones and because of that, the remnants remain in meat when humans eat it.

Organic Pasta.

Flours and other ingredients used to make pasta were once all organic, the packaging was not marked organic, because at the time, there was no differentiation since everything was organic. Today, however, the majority of pasta is not organic and those that are proudly mark it on the front of their package. Does it taste better than the non-organic pastas? Many believe it definitely does taste better and they can tell a huge difference.

Organic Turkey & Poultry.

Organic poultry and turkey can only have the organic packaging if the poultry was raised with no hormones and no antibiotics. The best organic poultry are those that were free range rather than grown in controlled environments. There is definitely a difference in the taste of hormone-induced meats and organic.

Organic Meat.

Most cows that are consumed in the United States come from cows that were given growth hormones to plump them up faster. They are given six various hormones. Research has shown that people taking in these hormones that remain in meat can end up with health issues; however, these are generally independent studies. Grave health problems have not been reported, however one thing is definite, organic meat tastes better however, and it is significantly pricier than meets that are fed hormones.

Last Thoughts.

Definitely, consuming organic foods is a decision that everyone must make for himself or herself, however there are some large distinctions in taste and possible health advantages gained from eating organic foods. Presently organic food is all the rage; however, the fad has not yet fully caught on because people do not yet understand the advantages of eating organic or the additional expense may be too much for them.

It is a personal decision and people that consume organic will continue to share the benefits they get from this food, and people that do not may switch over soon because of the many advantages gained from not eating foods filled with pesticides or meats filled with growth hormones.