You’ve spent many hours dedicated to grueling workouts.  You’ve been committed to eating a healthy diet to build muscle and lose body fat.  Now the time has come to compete in a figure competition.  However, you can’t simply jump into a general figure competition diet and expect to have a winning body instantly.  There is a working method to figure contest preparation and a lot of newbies perform it incorrectly.

I’m going to give you some figure competition diet secret tips to help you in your figure prep journey.

Figure Competition Diet Secret Tip #1

To be your best on the figure stage and even win, you are going to have to diet and get the body fat off.  It’s best to diet down slowly to ensure you lose body fat and not lean muscle mass.  You have to know how much prep time you need to make certain that you lose body fat.  Usually if you are:

  • 25-31% body fat give yourself 17-20+ weeks
  • 19-24% body fat give yourself 13-16 weeks
  • 12-18% body fat give yourself 9-12 weeks
  • Up to 12% body fat give yourself 5-8 weeks

Now these numbers are not set in stone.  This breakdown are a rough estimate to help you to establish how many weeks you need so you don’t crash diet and burn all your muscle tissue.

Figure Competition Diet Secret Tip #2

A big mistake many newbies make in their figure prep diet is they jump into extreme low calories at the start of their figure prep.  As a result, they burn out in a matter of weeks as well as hoarding fat and losing muscle.  A smarter route would be to figure how many calories you need for your body and activity level to ensure proper fat loss.  Once you are on your base caloric plan, make tweaks as needed to spark more fat loss.  I do want to caution you though… If you are making desired changes in your physique, don’t change anything.  All too often the eager figure newbie will change a perfectly working diet. If it’s not broken, don’t “fix” it.

Figure Competition Diet Secret Tip #3

Do not attempt peak week haphazardly.  Be aware of your body and how it responds to food, mainly carbs.  Often times figure competitors follow carb-depleting and loading suggestions provided on message boards posted by men or those who are chemically enhanced.  Natural figure athletes and ladies cannot carb-load in the same manner. Even though carb-depleting and loading is a tactic to extract water from under the skin and push it into the muscle cells, you may not require carb-loading as much or as long as the average loading phases. Decide if you need to carb-load and if so how long.  Once you do that you can figure out how many carbohydrates you require and when you need to begin eating them.

No doubt about it.  Some details goes into a winning figure competition diet.  Luckily, I came across a terrific figure competition diet system uniquely created for women by a woman … It is “Figure Competition Secrets” by Karen Sessions.  I am not kidding around when I say she goes to the extreme and reveals everything there is on figure contest diet secrets.  I implemented the tactics in “Figure Competition Secrets” and Won Overall!