Elur is a new pre-launch MLM company in the health and wellness network selling segment. Elur Nutrition is based in Tampa Florida and is presently inscribeing new members during their pre-launch period. Elur boasts that their management team launched the fastest growing MLM in history with over $40 million in gross sales in the first 12 months alone. The company offers cutting edge This MLM provides cutting edge   nutritional supplements along with a ground breaking compensation plan. They promise a lifetime of income generation and success using their new marketing and business building strategies. Elur is committed to the science of anti-aging and wealth development.

The Products:

Elur presently produces science based products to curb the anti-aging exercise. They are developing new products to release after the initial launch of the company. Listed below are the first four products that will be available for new associates to sell and build their teams with.

Multi-V: A doctor formulated combination of natural bioavailable vitamins, minerals, plant sterols, amino acids, probiotics and contains multiple servings of fruits and vegetables to deliver powerful antioxidant protection.

Mind: Designed to reduce stress and allows your body to naturally have more energy along with promoting a more positive mood, better memory & reduce excess nervous tension

Cardio: Designed to increase cardiovascular health, lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, raising HDL and assist in controlling blood pressure and maintain blood sugar levels.

Immune: Designed to boost your immune system to resist colds, flu and other illnesses.

All the Elur products are clinically tested and offered in capsule form. Elur will be releasing 3 new products that will contain the Maqui berry to boost energy levels.

You can at present joing Elur for either $299 or $499 at different levels There will be a minimum monthly fee   or auto ship to maintain your active status to receive commissions. Elur will utilize a new proprietary linear matrix compensation plan which they claim will offer the highest payouts in the network marketing industry. It is based on a 5×7 matrix and will allow you to earn from everyone you bring in to the network on a continuous basis. Elur claims that their members have the potential to earn at the highest level of the commission structure by only recruiting 8 other active members. They say that it is possible to earn up to $4 million per year based exclusively on minimum auto ship orders.

At first glance Elur seems to be an exciting and legitimate opportunity. Many members will achieve their goals of earning a secure annual and passive income with this internet based business. Members will have the ability to recruit new members and sell their products via the marketing Elur will offer. To take in a $4 million or $100K per year income, members will need to have the ability to successfully market on the internet. As in any business venture, those who can establish relationships, mentor their down line and do their due diligence will be successful.