While many people have experienced sensations of fatigue, many of us are not aware there are essentially two unique types of exhaustion; drowsiness may be physical and mental. Mental fatigue can occur in times of anxiety, sadness or mental tiredness. Bodily tiredness conversely is caused by a lot bodily activity. Both losing a relative & running a marathon can leave you feeling drained, and each need rest and relaxation. Exhaustion may also be an indication of a illness or disease.

Bodily Tiredness:
“Physical fatigue or muscle weakness (or “lack of strength”) is a direct term for the inability to exert force with one’s muscles to the degree that would be expected given the individual’s general physical fitness. A test of strength is often used during a diagnosis of a muscular disorder before the etiology can be identified. Such etiology depends on the type of muscle weakness, which can be true or perceived as well as central or peripheral. True weakness is substantial, while perceived rather is a sensation of having to put more effort to do the same task. On the other hand, central muscle weakness is an overall exhaustion of the whole body, while peripheral weakness is an exhaustion of individual muscles.”

Intellectual Exhaustion:
“In addition to physical, fatigue also includes mental fatigue, not necessarily including any muscle fatigue. Such a mental fatigue, in turn, can manifest itself both as somnolence (decreased wakefulness), or just as a general decrease of attention, not necessarily including sleepiness. Decreased attention is known as ego depletion and occurs when the limited ‘self regulatory capacity’ is depleted. It may also be described as a more or less decreased level of consciousness. In any case, this can be dangerous when performing tasks that require constant concentration, such as driving a vehicle. For instance, a person who is sufficiently somnolent may experience microsleeps. However, objective cognitive testing should be done to differentiate the neurocognitive deficits of brain disease from those attributable to tiredness.”

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatigue_(medical)

Natural Remedies & Fatigue Treatment:

1.Coffee: You could have read that coffee is not good for you, however the American Dietetic Association affirms there is absolutely no harm in enjoying it, provided that you do so without excess. Countless studies have verified that coffee does in reality energize mental performance, but make sure you restrict your consumption to 2 cups every day. In excess of this may cause insomnia or stress. Click here for anxiety natures remedies.

2.Eggs: This natural treatment is supported by solid nutrition. Eating a balanced, healthy diet (as well as taking alternative health supplements)is amongst the most important factors when dealing with tiredness – eggs are loaded with nutrition and include essential nutrients including protein, iron, vitamin A, folic acid, riboflavin & pantothenic acid.

3.Asian Ginseng: Traditionally famous for its vitality enhancing skills, Asian ginseng has been used for hundreds of years to manage weakness and fatigue. For tiredness, take two g. of Asian Ginseng daily for 6 weeks. Take a minimum of a couple wk break before resuming.

4.Vitamin B12: Taken both sublingually or by shot, vitamin B12 can offer long-lasting energy without the nervousness.