Hi again guys, receive to ask Yuri Elkaim episode 6. Today we are answering heading from a young xvi year old follower of mine on YouTube. And she asks, hi Yuri, I am sixteen year old and I free weight 191 pounds and stand up 5 foot and 10 inches tall, 5 feet 10 inches tall. What you recommend the best exercise for me to lose weight . Thank you. Her name is not mentioned over here . OK, so, one of these way of questions from savings of our time, one of the ways of this question because losing weight in specifically in left hander, man boobs or if you want to lose weight in general, the best exercise for your abdominals or anything. I am going to see man every single time. So if you want to keep readiness then message good thing, but if no then outset asking me questions. But, it’s ok. The questions are there for reasons and that’s totally fine. I am here, if I am said to the same thing thousand modern world, that’s what I am going to do in my Fitter U fitness program.

What’s the best exercise to help you to do Weight loss? There is no exercise for losing weight gain . It is similar to your diet, no diet in single is powerful than the complete diet , alright, does it makes sense. And the same thing is with the exercise . There is no single movement, no single exercise that is bigger than the sum of all the exercise of your workout mundane . But there are exercises which are very effective and will help to build strength as well as burn more calories .

For instance, if I am session here doing the biceps grow, the only muscleman that I have involved to develop my biceps. Secondary might be the forearms muscles. Very small-scale muscle groups, very very very low metallic element ball cost, which means there are no other calories that are beingness sunbaked during this exercise itself. And there will be calories that will burn later this type of exercise as well. However what if you can involve the biceps, the shoulders, and the legs all at the same time, alright. Now it’s going to use it may be 5 percent of the muscle mass, you may be using 7 percent of the muscle mass or even more. It is very very powerful because kickoff, I am sitting down here. For me to go to the sitting posture to the standing, right, like so, requires a lot of muscles in the legs. In fact, in the elderly one of the, I guess, lifestyle test to be do is obvious sit to stand test. You measure how long it takes for an elderly individual to go from the sitting position to the standing position. Quant strength, leg strength is big to tell me that and it’s a very uncomplicated thing.