New students who get training at martial arts schools in Maryland to lose weight will have a more difficult time breaking bad habits.  Bad food habits are the hardest thing to break because the food tastes so good that it’s hard to give it up.   People choose what they want to eat based off of what it tastes like opposed to the nutrition level.   The truth is that the purpose of food is to nourish the body so it can survive, not satisfy the taste buds.   If new students who get training at martial arts schools in Maryland want to lose weight they need to adopt that mindset.

At first it will seem like the biggest challenge in their lives because the ingredients in most of the bad foods that people consume contain a lot of sugar.    Sugar based ingredients are extremely addictive.    Pay attention to the food label to figure out what the first couple of ingredients are because more than likely sugar will be one of the top three.    The foods that are listed in the beginning of the food label means that they have the highest content in the food.    A good example to use to determine if someone is addict to sugar is the hunger headache test.   When someone is losing weight by cutting out or reducing the amount of bad ingredients in their body the mind will being to crave those bad ingredients.   Then a hungry headache will form and it feels like it won’t go away until the craving is satisfied but it will go away eventually.    Thankfully the cravings will stop if water is drunken or a healthy snack is eaten.   Students who get training at martial arts schools in Maryland to lose weight should avoid these top 10 foods at all cost.

Top 10 Foods To Avoid (that raise blood sugar and insulin)

  1. Potato Chips, pretzels, corn chips (salty snacks)
  2. Commercial breakfast cereals
  3. Bagels, white bread, donuts
  4. Bleached white flour (as main ingredient)
  5. Beer
  6. Bleached white rice
  7. Potatoes especially French fries
  8. Soda, fruit drinks, juice, (diet soda)
  9. Pasta, noodles
  10. Commercial pizza

The student should do their best to avoid those foods for about a month and then take notice to positive effects.   For most people who are losing weight the bad foods no longer tastes good to them because they can easily identify when food has too much salt or sugar in it.   Once they realize that the bad foods that they were eating effected their body’s so negatively they will glady eliminate those foods.