I have heard a lot of confessions working in the fitness industry as a Pilates Instructor and what lengths my clients will go to when trying to lose belly fat and burn body weight.

Going to any lengths is a great thing if it’s in the right direction but doing it in a way that harms your metabolism will only backfire in the end.

Clientele frequently ask ‘how do I lose belly fat and flatten my abs’? It’s a common question in fitness circles. Probably because we are living stressful lifestyles and trying to juggle and balance so many things at once. When stress is a big factor in our lives it raises cortisol and insulin and these in turn contribute to belly fat. It’s important to deal with your stress levels to lessen belly fat.

The confession I hear the most is to simply not eat breakfast and/or lunch and then pig out at dinner.

Sometimes a big meal isn’t eaten at dinner but continuous night-time nibbling will take its place.

Eating small snacks can be tricky because if you are constantly grazing, the calories can definitely add up.  If you save your calories up to eat in the evening you will struggle to lose belly fat.

My clients reason that eating in this manner is justified because they have not eaten all day… well hardly anything and so the overall calories eaten in the evening will balance out.  hmmm who are we kidding here?

If you go without eating all day and then wait to pig out in your evening meal you will usually over-eat because your starving.  If you continue to eat like this it can slowly damage your metabolism and upset the balance of your hormones.  Your system needs a regular and balanced eating plan to maintain steady and healthy weight loss and especially to lose belly fat.

To put it in simple terms if your body thinks it’s starving it sends out an alarm and down regulates your metabolic process to save on energy.  So over the long haul if you continue to yo-yo diet or starve yourself your metabolism will become very efficient at keeping your weight at a plateau even if you are on a very restrictive diet.

Your metabolism slows down around dinner time and decreases after that. It’s at its highest at noon so if your waiting to eat the majority of your calories in the evening these calories will more than likely get stored as excess fat. So it’s definitely not the time to be overindulging in food.

Lose Belly Fat and Get a Flat Stomach with 1 Amazing Tip

If you really want tolose belly fat then you need to do the opposite of eating most of your calories in the evening.  It’s necessary to make your dinner or evening meal the lightest and smallest meal of the day.  And eat the right kind of carbs, not a heavy pasta dish.  Eat balanced and healthy meals during the day. If you are unable to eat breakfast, try eating brunch. And make sure you eat a substantial and nutritious lunch. If you eat in a balanced way you will lessen the stress on your body.

To lose belly fat you need to make your evening meal small which will give your digestive track a nice break and then for desert you can have a piece of fruit.  Please don’t eat after this, just STOP eating.  It may be hard especially if you are not use to it.  Have a cup of herbal tea and distract yourself from snacking.  Save your desert for a once a week treat.

You will wake up to flatter abs and may even feel your appetite returning!