When you have put on a little bit of weight, all the people around you turn into dieticians and gym instructors giving you a lot of advices on how to shed off the few extra pounds that you have gained. However, only 10% of their words seem to be effective whereas rest of the tips turn out to be a chapter of some fictional story. No matter how much you follow the guidelines of what to eat and what to do to get a sexy belly like your ex’s current girlfriend, you are depressed in the end since you are left with a few more extra pounds and a weakened body. So what can be done in order to take yourself off the list of women who wear extra large sized outfits?

Let us have a look at the following diet tips:
First thing that you need to remember before starting the process of losing weight is to gather all the patience that you can. Always remember – there is no magic trick that can help you lose weight in a sudden blink. Even if you are looking forward to lose only 10 pounds, the dieting process takes time since it helps your body to not only lose weight but also to prevent the pounds from returning. Never be fantasized looking at the celebrity figures and opting for crash diets. Crash diets are fruit and soup diets done by women especially to lose a few pounds in order to be in shape. No matter how successful the crash diets sound, there is a guarantee for you to put on more weight once you have stopped it. Hence, no nutritionist or dietician suggests for such a diet plan unless you are a model or an actor. Patience is virtue and that is all you need to hold on to.
Secondly, maintain a “weight book” of your own wherein you note down you current weight and inches of different parts of your body, especially your waist line. Such a thing comes handy when you wish to cherish your journey of losing weight.
Fruits – your new best friends. There are different things that we love to hog on and 95% of them are deep fried. Get rid of that packet of crunchy chips and replace it with high vitamin fruits. However, there are certain fruits like banana; mango and jackfruit that you must avoid while you are on diet since these are rich in calories. You need to develop a liking for fruits like apple, watermelon, muskmelon and papayas in order to increase and balance the water level of your body that helps in cutting down fats. One bowl of muskmelon or watermelon in breakfast (note – not “with” breakfast) helps in regulating your immune system, leading to a proper digestion. Hence, in order to lose weight, you must first bring your digestion process in place. If one is suffering from constipation, he tends to gain weight and thus one bowl of papaya empty stomach in the morning is suggested as a natural therapy to cure constipation.
Salads – no matter how much you hate to eat vegetable salads, you need to add a medium sized bowl of salad in your meals both the times. Roughly cut one cucumber, one tomato and one carrot in a bowl, sprinkle a bit of salt and black pepper in order to add taste to it. You can even squeeze lemon juice over it to enhance its taste.
Lemon – the best fat cutter. It is indeed not a myth that lemon juice is a fat cutter. All you need to do is squeeze a lemon in one glass of water and drink it empty stomach in the morning, even before your bed tea. If the sour taste is something your tongue can’t bear, add honey in it. In fact, honey helps in improving and maintaining your skin. Hence, even if you wish to get rid of the blackheads and dark spots created by those ugly pimples you once had, drinking lemon juice with honey is suggested by a lot of nutritionists.
Blackcurrant – the electrifying effect for your body! Blackcurrant is nothing but dried black grapes. Dieticians suggest their patients to have four blackcurrants every morning before drinking the lemon juice. This dry fruit helps in increasing the water level of your body, which cuts fats and lessens the amount of calories.
Almonds – no stretch marks! If you are planning to lose more than 15 pounds, you should know that you may have some stretch marks around your belly and loosened arms. Hence, having two almonds every morning along with blackcurrants is equally important since this dry fruit has oil that helps in reducing stretch marks.
Reward yourself – No matter how much you try to run away from that burger or chocolate chip ice cream, the taste of it would remain dancing at the tip of your tongue. Thus, don’t forget to reward yourself with one of your favorite food stuff, only once a week.
Losing weight is like travelling to a distant place. You need to have control over your desires of eating, along with holding yourself by patience. Stick to having “mini diets” instead of stuffing yourself once and for all, in a day. Keep away from stress as you tend to eat more when you are stressed. Be relaxed and let the magic of a proper diet work on your body!