Q:Can You Give Me some Tips on Losing Belly Fat?

A:Losing weight can be a lifelong battle of gaining and losing pounds. Before you start any of these tips on losing belly fat please talk to a doctor to help you get more information on eating right and choosing the correct path for you. From the time you wake up to the time you must keep the energy in the body and nutrition helps you do this. What I mean by nutrition is the foods that you consume every day.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you should eat good foods in the mornings. In the mornings you need to eat all the energy producing foods to get the brain and the body ready for the day. Eating cereal with fruit would be a good idea, or to eat yogurt and a bagel with cream cheese, and milk to get the day started. Eating as soon as you wake will activate your body to start burning fat and waking up your system.

Drinking plenty of fluids will help digest the food you put in your body. Many of us don’t drink enough water daily and then the items have nothing to move the food through your energy system. This also helps to flush the bad product out of your system. Water also helps us keep hydrated when the weather gets hot and helps maintain the correct temperature for your body.

Moving away from soda and high fructose corn syrup will keep you from creating more fat cells than necessary. Another item to try and stay away from would be white bread. If you mix white bread and water when it is by itself, you get paste, this is what your body is trying to digest and work with. Your body becomes sluggish and you have no energy because all your blood is going to your gut and not your head. Steer clear of sour dough bread, or at least know that it can create an excess of yeast in your system.

Steering clear of red meat, unless it is organic would help you not create such excess of fat cells and help you lose belly fat. Eating fish that have gills, chicken that is free of the range (free range chicken), will allow your body to balance itself correctly. Eat as much fruits and veggies that you want, this is similar to water in that they will help your body flush the bad in bring in the good energy. These are some good tips for losing belly fat.

Another tip for losing belly fat is Exercising.
Stretching before doing any exercise is very important to prevent injuries. I must emphasize that speaking with a professional doctor before starting any regiment on the body is important. Exercise helps us burn fat and keeps our body regulated to fight disease by using the free radicals found in most fruits and veggies. When you use energy to do the task of exercise you will get that amount of energy back later. A body in motion stays in motion. Exercise should be used in conjunction with nutrition to maintain my mind body and spirit. A combination of both exercising and eating nutritious meals every day is what helps balance you daily.
If you are first starting out trying to lose belly fat, you should start off slowly. If you have decided to run, you may want to start to walk down the street a bit. Weighing you and keeping track of what you eat and what exercises you do will help increase the probability of losing belly fat. After a week or two of doing the same routine you may want to increase the amount of exercise.
Working up to your goal is much better than starting off as a gazelle. If you start off at a dead sprint, you will most likely stop what you are doing before you complete your goal. With losing belly fat you have to start slowly and make small successes. You may be looking at an elephant, but you did not get this way over night. The best way to eat an elephant is small bites. With good nutrition and moderate exercise you can drop that belly fat you have wanted too!